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I'm Anna-May, your Infant & Child Sleep Consultant. My journey to sleep consulting started soon after my baby was born. Before children I thought babies would sleep when they are tired. I quickly realised I was wrong and fell hard into a four-month sleep regression. I scrambled for information and was confronted with an overwhelming amount, making it hard to decide what was best for my baby and my family.

As my baby continued to grow, we started to notice how wakeful she was and faced difficulty when settling her for a nap or at night. She wouldn’t sleep unless she was held, and even still it was a major battle to get her to fall asleep. My partner and I were struggling and very sleep-deprived at this point. As a result, my mental health deteriorated. I decided it was time to reach out for help.


After working alongside an expert and seeing the transformation in my baby's sleep and development, I became inspired to become a Sleep Consultant.

My experience

I’ve undertaken intensive training and courses where I’ve used science and evidence-based approaches to improve sleep quality. I’ve since helped many parents globally with their child’s sleep routine. I want to continue helping other parents who are going through the same struggle that I did.

You’re not alone and whether you’re a first-time parent or you have multiple children, each child is different and there are a range of techniques we can use to guide you and your baby to building a consistent sleep pattern.

I take a holistic approach to sleep and will evaluate all aspects of your baby’s routine that may have an impact on their sleep.

My promise

Speaking from experience, I know that ensuring your baby is well rested is as important as all other areas of their development. It’s my mission to educate, support, and empower parents to enhance their little one’s sleep. 

If you’re ready to start your journey with me and are looking for support, let’s chat. I look forward to helping you and your family on your journey so you can experience the difference of a peaceful sleep.


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