Ultimate Support Package 

The Ultimate Support Package provides excellent, hands-on support so you can feel confident in your ability to use your settling technique to its maximum potential. 


The Ultimate Support Package includes a personal in-home consultation where we get to practice our chosen technique so you can become confident in acheiveing your goals. Along with the consultation you will receive a personalised sleep plan, and two-weeks of follow up support. 

Package includes:

  • Comprehensive analysis of your child's sleep assessment 

  • Two-Hour in-home consultation

  • Settling technique demonstration

  • Support while settling 

  • Personalised sleep plan tailored to your parenting style

  • 4x follow up support (email/phone/text)

Price Options:

  • $239- Daytime consultation (2 hours)

  • $279-Evening consultation (2 hours)

  • $339- Evening consultation (3 hours)

  • $449- Evening consultation (6 hours)

  • $739-Overnight consultations (12 hours)

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